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Middle School Program Overview

Acellus Academy’s online middle school curriculum will prepare your student for high school while building upon subjects and concepts they learned in elementary courses. Students will take classes that cover mathematics, language arts and reading, science, history and social studies, and health and physical education.

新万博入口Acellus Academy的在线课程利用了一种名为Prism Diagnostics的技术,该技术在学生所知中发现并填补了空白。这种做法与引人入胜的视频和互动课程材料相结合,为每个学生提供了量身定制的学习体验。作为一名Ac新万博入口ellus Academy的学生,您的孩子将收到:

Self-paced interactive online courses;


And personalized instruction based on individual student needs.

Before moving up a grade, the Acellus system makes sure that a student fully comprehends each concept and subject. By working with some of the best teachers, Acellus Academy ensures that its students receive the best education possible.

Self-Paced Courses


Student Experience


Year-round Enrollment

Students may enroll in Acellus Academy at any time during the year. Students will start at the beginning of each course and begin making their way toward course completion.



Acellus Academy is Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) – a regional accreditation agency.


What makes Acellus Academy courses so effective?


棱镜诊断®: A Breakthrough in Online Learning

新万博入口Acellus Academy课程集成了PrismDiagnostics®,这是一种创新的技术,可以识别每个学生背景知识中的孔。当系统确定这些缺陷之一时,提供自定义的个人指导来填补学生理解的空白。结果,学生会收到自己的每门课程的自定义版本,并根据其特定的需求和水平进行调整。



Acellus Academy integrates professionally filmed videos into online coursework to spark the interest of each student for any given subject. Acellus works with some of the most qualified teachers in the country to create engaging footage to make Acellus Academy’s online curriculum relevant for students. These captivating videos, combined with talented teachers and interactive course materials, provide an online school experience that inspires a love for learning.


As students are progressing through a course, sometimes they lack the foundational skills needed to successfully complete the material.如果学生被卡住,则可以分析他们需要审查哪些基本概念,以掌握他们正在挣扎的年级概念。然后,规定了载体的指导以填补这些空白,并根据需要重建其基本理解,使他们能够在教育中前进。



Acellus Course Excerpts



Language Arts

Social Studies

Career & Technical Education



Read the stories below to see how Acellus Academy transforms learning for students.

Homeschool Mom

“ Acellus计划帮助我的儿子在学年的剩余时间里在学术上成长。他从失败的年级变成了80年代和90年代,因为他能够花时间做课堂工作……

Most importantly I will recommend this program to others. Acellus is an amazing program and I am 100% satisfied.”
– Andrea S.

Parent of Special Ed Child


The way this program teaches and goes over the subject again if it was not understood is amazing! My son’s reading comprehension was way below average. I now read the stories to him in the ninth grade Language Arts class, and there are many lessons on the one story. By the time he is done with the story, he comprehends it one hundred percent.

I want to thank you so much for making this affordable and having the most wonderful teachers! This is such an amazing program for kids that have physical disabilities, learning disabilities, or even just want to learn more at home. WE FOUND THE PERFECT FIT!!”
- Debbie C.

Math Teacher


I also tried using Acellus for an ADHD student who was very disruptive. It helped him so much! When working with Acellus, this student was able to focus and to accomplish something.”
– Janie J.

Roger Billings Scholarship Program


作为罗杰·比林斯(Roger Billings)终身支持教育的承诺的一部分,创建了奖学金计划,是一种“回馈”指导指导和特殊学费的“回馈”的方式。


研究表明,参加罗杰·比林斯(Roger Billings)每周演讲的学生在学术上有所改善,并对他们的学业发展积极态度。罗杰·比林斯(Roger Billings)使用自己的职业和生活中的例子,激励并激发学生取得最佳状态,并相信自己可以有所作为。

TalkScience Live Broadcast: Wednesdays At 7:00 Pm (CST)

Roger Billings, Creator of Acellus


The Roger Billings Scholarship Program covers a significant portion of the tuition expenses to enroll in Acellus Academy.

Regular Tuition Rate


Mentoring Program Scholarship


Reduced Tuition Amount

$ 79/月


Roger Billings奖学金计划可供所有Acellus Academy学生获得。新万博入口要获得特殊的学费,学生必须同意调整每周的讲座。有时间表冲突并且无法观看现场直播的学生可能会在本周晚些时候观看录制的演讲。

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